Our Methodology

1. We will share any Ḥadīth that is proven to be Ṣaḥīḥ, Ḥasan, or anything acceptable by the scholars of Ḥadīth whether they are in corroboration with an opinion found in one of the four Madhāhib or not.

2. Reports we share that may be classed as Ḍaʻīf or Mawḍū’ are shared so readers could be aware of the deficiency found within them, as this was from the conduct of the Muḥaddithūn. Entries with such gradings will be marked with “(?)” at the end of the title.

3. DalīlḤukmTakhrīj, and Sharḥ references are not restricted to the ones we have sourced, rather they are only what is available to us at this moment.

4. Entries are subject to being updated if more references, gradings, analyses, and explanations become available to us.